Lab Safety Courses Learning Management System

Lab Safety Specialists have over 20 years of experience in creating customized lab safety courses. In order to provide these courses for numerous present and future clients a Learning Management System (LMS) was designed and built.

The new LMS not only needed to be aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly integrate with the current Lab Safety Specialist site but also needed to hold instructional content and value. The problem at hand for our team; how do we combine design, instructional content, and business value for our client?

Our instructional designers worked with the rest of our develop and design teams to provide key insight on how adult learners learn. The collaboration between our web and instructional designers allowed us to create an aesthetically pleasing and

functional LMS.

Once we had a sound design, our developers took the lead and provided personalized customizations just for Lab Safety Specialists. Some of these enhancements included providing a custom new user registration email and integration of new interactions for users with the eLearning modules. We are also in the process of developing an online store where users can purchase courses and other safety training materials.

Our teams loved the collaboration they got with this project to create a digital design with an instructional purpose. In the future we will continue working on projects that provide real value to our customers and those who use the products we create.

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