Web Design Case Study

Science Site Upgrade

When redesigning a current web product the first thing to do is to figure out what works and what does not. Redesigning this lab safety website involved creating a digital footprint that better represented their company and the innovative work they are doing.

Our team went through each component of their current website to see what we liked and what we thought needed to be redesigned to better showcase who the company was. Their current website was not modern enough, had many dead links, and was not very easy to navigate. We wanted to showcase all of the content that they create in a way that would capture potential customers’ attention.

We changed color schemes, illustrations, and icons in a way to better draw attention. We changed from their generic lighter color scheme to a darker color scheme with larger icons that made their OSHA and safety materials and training tools, stand out.

After wireframing the layout, our developers took to coding their new web product. Adding links to content to make the website easier to navigate, instead of having all information on one page.

After talking with the client and making any revisions they wanted we went live. Their website is now cleaner and more captivating, showing the innovations, growth, and competition that this company brings in their field. As a website can always be improved we stay in touch with our clients taking any feedback they have gotten from their customers and incorporating that into their website.

a woman wearing a face mask and lab coat while doing an experiment


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