Online Course Case Study


During COVID-19, most students have been in a virtual school classroom distracted by their own homes and the homes of their peers. Students do not learn as well in mundane situations which leads to disengagement with their schoolwork while working online. To help ease some of the stress of the pandemic our team created an eLearning tool that would help excite and keep students on track.

This tool specifically had a fun Halloween theme, but for accessibility and ease of access the template format and the characters that were designed can be adapted to any topic in a teacher’s curriculum.

As a basis for any instructional design project, the ADDIE method was used: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.

Analyze: With virtual classes, students need something that will capture their attention. Students learn more when they are more engaged and do not realize they are learning. What better way to do that then with a game?

Design: Our designers wanted to get students in the mood for Halloween so they went with a monster theme for the online game. Adding fun colors and images, making the game personal by allowing the students to add their own names into the game, and keeping it interactive were all key elements that were included. Adding clear goals and having a reward at the end were also included to keep students engaged.

Develop: Our developers used the sketches and mock-ups that were created to create the actual product on Articulate Storyline.

Implement: Once everything was designed and ready to go. A small number of testers tested the product to make sure everything was working correctly and provided feedback on what changes could be implemented.

Evaluate: After changes were made based on feedback and educators were trained on how to use the online tool, the product was launched.

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