About Us

About Us

KayC Media is a woman-owned digital media company located in the Washington D.C. area. We represent the dreamers, the visionaries, the idealists, the leaders, the big, and the small. No matter what size your dream, we can make it happen. We provide the highest quality of work for everyone. We pride ourselves on the work we do and how dedicated we are to our craft. Our team is experienced with multiple design and development software platforms allowing us insight into many different aspects of a specific project.

Whether you want to improve an existing website or start a business from scratch, we are ready to help! We are inquisitive, always trying to improve ourselves and our products.

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Our Mission

Here at KayC Media, we push past boundaries to go places we have not gone before. Our mission is to rise above and beyond the norms to showcase unique digital experiences made for everyone. Everyone uses some form of a digital product and we have noticed that many of these are not accessible to everyone. That is unacceptable. That is why we pride ourselves on our work. We want to make a difference. Digital experiences are more than just a website or an app to gather information or entertain, they connect, inspire, and teach.

We dedicate our time to improving the way people use media and how to incorporate that into your company. Our connections are personal – we don’t create a company and client atmosphere: we work as one unit.

Now that you understand who we are, we have a mission for you: jump those hurdles that are stopping you from your dreams. Contact us and let’s gets started.

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