Kayc Media

In the mid-1900s no one thought we would make it to the moon, but fast-forward 70 years and we have gone above and beyond. All dreams start with a visionary, a design, and a lot of coffee. KayC Media is here to help kick start your dreams into another dimension. Specializing in out-of-this-world digital experiences that keep you in mind.

“…I loved the personal interactions that KayC Media was able to provide along with industry knowledge…”


“…finished the project in a timely manner with excellent customer service. This made it very easy to re-hire…”


“… organized and kept the project on track and within budget. If I have future web design needs I will be coming back…”


Our Mission

At KayC Media we bring your vision to life with our innovative approaches that can help you re-define boundaries.

Web Design and development

Web design services from the beginning spark of an idea to a fully programmed and developed web product. With our SEO specialists, we make sure your customers find you so that all you have to focus on is making your company grow.

Web Hosting

Running a business is enough work. Combining web design and hosting services makes your job easier.

learning and development

Launching educational experiences to a new height, creating all of the resources and tools you need. From online courses to employee training we create everything your idea needs to blast off.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

– Carl Sagan

Are you ready to achieve new heights?

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